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Taking Center Stage Panel

Youll be laughing to the bank as we show you how to turn funny videos into a comedy career. With new-age technology, those who were once called class clowns” have been able to turn their love for making people laugh into a big business. From going viral to brand partnerships, these comedians know how to extend 15 minutes of fame. Learn from top experts how to go from viral skits to profits, how to find your niche, why it is more attractive to build your career digitally, how to capitalize on your viral moments and tips for taking your comedy offline.

Panelists: Maleni Cruz (Social Media Influencer), KenStarrrz (Social Media Influencer), Nuevayol (Social Media Influencer), Stacey (Stace Face) Wade (Social Media Influencer),

Moderator: Justin D. Jenkins (Managing Editor of The Quintessential Gentleman)

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