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Directed by Kevin Abrams

Cast: Esmeralda Camargo, Liana Mendoza, Max Pelayo

Admission is available as a $19 single ticket or $25 VIP Premium Ticket, which includes premium status an hour before the show, access to our fully furnished lounge to network and relax before the show, complementary crafted beverages, appetizers, and exclusive photo opportunities in the lounge.

Presented by 1090 Pictures

Directed by: Kevin Abrams
Written by: Claire Audrey Aguayo
Produced by: Kevin Abrams, Seth Caplan, Jamie Denenberg, Eric Neal Young
Cast: Esmeralda Camargo, Liana Mendoza, Max Pelayo

Marisol Rivera has a promising future until one night it changes in an instant – she’s falsely accused of a crime and discovers she’s undocumented, forcing her on the run in a desperate attempt to salvage the only life she’s ever known.

When 17-year-old Marisol Rivera is accused of a crime the same night she finds out she’s undocumented, she flees her small Texas border town and goes on the run. Navigating the painful realities of a new identity and an uncertain future, she travels north in search of her mother and answers she may never find. However, when the same forces of hate that drove her away turn on her family, Marisol must choose whether to return home and confront her accusers or continue living in the shadows. Marisol is a coming-of-age story about a young girl finding a voice that speaks truth and a power that transcends borders.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 23
1:00 pm