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Beat Street

Directed by Stan Lathan

Cast: Dean Elliott, Franc. Reyes, Guy Davis, Jim Borrelli, Jon Chardiet, Lee Chamberlin, Leon W. Grant, Mary Alice, Rae Dawn Chong, Robert Taylor, Saundra Santiago, Shaen Elliot

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Retrospective-Celebrating 50 Years of Hip-Hop

Presented by Orion/MGM/ Show Off Your Gems

Directed by: Stan Lathan
Written by: Andrew Davis, David Gilbert, Paul Golding, Steven Hager
Story by: Richard Lee Sisco
Produced by: Harry Belafonte, David V. Picker
Cast: Rae Dawn Chong, Guy Davis, Jon Chardiet, Leon W. Grant, Saundra Santiago, Robert Taylor, Lee Chamberlin, Mary Alice, Shawn Elliot, Jim Borrelli, Dean Elliott, Franc Reyes

At the forefront of early hip-hop culture, DJ Kenny Kirkland, his B-boy brother, Lee, and graffiti artist Ramon all have hopes of showcasing their talents outside the confines of South Bronx, N.Y. When Tracy Carlson, a composer and choreographer, runs into Kirkland and Lee at one of Manhattan’s hottest nightclubs, she offers Lee an opportunity to perform on TV. However, the crew has a long way to go before achieving their dreams.

Produced by the late, great Harry Belafonte, Beat Street was Hollywood’s first foray into “The Music and Break Dance Explosion!” featuring a bona fide who’s who of early hip hop: Kool Herc as a club owner, Soul Sonic Force with DJ Jazzy Jay performing “Frantic Situation”, Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five voguing hard, The Treacherous Three “Santa Rapping”, the Rock Steady Crew and the New York City Breakers battling left and right, proto-freestyle duo The Sequence and Brenda K. Starr auditioning at the Roxy and finally, a hard-as-nails electro soundtrack by Arthur Baker.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Wed, Sep 20
9:00 pm