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60 Seconds to Stardom Panel

Were helping you navigate social media to turn your fanbase into streams. Music has changed over the years, and the way consumers are introduced to new music has also changed. Streaming wars are here to stay and when music meets technology, we get a rise of artists who found success in the digital era. Learn ifgoing viral” pays (music royalties), how to turn your likes into plays, mainstream versus You Stream!, and mobilizing your fanbase copyright or copy, right? (swagger jacking & ownership)

Panelists: Nico Machlitt (Associate Manager of Digital Marketing at Vevo), Stephanie Diaz-Matos (Head of Music Supervision at Raedio), Dion Baez (Artist Marketing Manager at YouTube Music),

Moderator: Eric K. Thomas (Editor-in-Chief at The Quintessential Gentleman)

Dates & Times