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Shorts 8: In the Good and the Bad, We Have La Magia

  • 93 mins

Admission is available as a $16 single ticket or $25 VIP Premium Ticket, which includes premium status an hour before the show, access to our fully furnished lounge to network and relax before the show, complementary crafted beverages, appetizers, and photo opportunities in the lounge.

In this program


Directed by Hector Ignacio Serrano

Inspired by Bruno Bettelheim’s “The Uses of Enchantments”, FÁBULA is a multi-generational love letter to Mexican traditions, magic, and the creatures and monsters that make up its culture. The short follows Maria– a young girl processing the trauma of an abusive parent, when she discovers a world of old magic hidden between the pages of a notebook.


Directed by Nicole Mejia

Cursed by generations of the Mancha, Cory must fight this dark presence to protect her daughter from the same fate.

The Island of the Dolls / La Isla De Las Munecas

Directed by Julio César Padilla

This intensely emotional untold story explores the life of a teenager, Xóchitl. After discovering that her boyfriend is cheating, she makes a drastic decision that causes her to suffer traumatic experiences and  do things she never imagined.

Third Trinity

Directed by Yara Travieso

A wise Puerto Rican santera bestows a puzzling premonition upon her pregnant daughter, who fears losing her artistic practice to the demands of motherhood.


Directed by Aurora Real de Asua

A lonely woman discovers a wounded whale heart and nurses it back to health.

Daughter of the Sea

Directed by Alexis Garcia

After the death of her grandfather, a young woman experiences a spiritual awakening when she is called by Yemaya, the orisha Goddess of the Sea.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Wed, Sep 14
10:15 pm