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Shorts 6: Come As You Are

  • 100 mins

In this program

Un Pequeno Corte

Directed by Mariana Serrano

When six -year-old Elizabeth makes an image-altering decision, she is left to face the backlash from culturally imposed beauty standards. Set in the all-too beauty-centric city of Miami, Elizabeth grapples between her two cultures as she seeks her own identity.


Directed by Alex Barragan, Diego Barragan

A young clean cut guy has a confrontation with a couple of trash collection workers that makes him question his obsessions and personality.

Bottle Bomb

Directed by Frida Perez

When visiting her best friend who recently moved towns, an eczema-prone 13-year-old girl is  pressured into making a bottle bomb at a local junkyard.

The Blue Hour / La Hora Azul

Directed by Jeremias Segovia

A young woman on the beach waits for everyone to leave so she can bathe in the nude –just her and the ocean– except for the figure watching her from the bushes.

Al Final De La Calle

Directed by Victor Grullón

Rafael “El Caballo” García is a professional baseball player who has just lost the most important game of his career. When his mother dies, he has to return to the town where he grew up and face the ghosts of his past. As if this were not enough, he finds out that he has been suspended for the use of steroids, putting his baseball future in doubt.

Living All Of Life / Vivir Toda La Vida

Directed by Marlén Ríos-Farjat

After a lifetime together, Susana has been abandoned by her husband. She is in denial and holds on to the past. One day, she needs the help of her neighbor, Gloria, a free-spirited woman who Susana can’t stand. But the friendship that emerges between them changes Susana’s outlook on life.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 17
12:30 pm