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Shorts 5: Love, Loss, & Letting Go

  • 78 mins

In this program


Directed by Scott Felix

A young man grieving the loss of his mother is catapulted into a near death experience and must learn the meaning of life to escape it.

Ines Unfortunately

Directed by Anna Salinas

After getting her heart broken, Inés decides she must end it all… that is, until her perfectly planned suicide is interrupted by the ghost of her chatty Cuban neighbor.

Sana Que Sana

Directed by Gabriella E Aguirre

Sana Que Sana is an exploration of healing as it emerges from betrayal, chronicling a family’s discovery of their patriarch’s biggest secret amid his accelerating dementia.


Directed by Kelsey Scult

Slice explores the way trauma calcifies in the body, how new intimacy can help us release and heal the ghosts of old lovers, and the burden of both the weight and weightlessness of memory. It follows a relationship born out of the violence of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile interwoven with a budding queer romance between a mortician and the granddaughter of the man she is embalming.

Keep / Delete

Directed by Kryzz Gautier

In a future world where memories are handled like computer files, two lovers decide to undergo a procedure and have their entire relationship wiped from their brains.

We Should Get Dinner

Directed by Eliza Jiménez Cossio, Lexi Tannenholtz

After their parents divorce, ex-step-siblings Abby and Sean are forced to confront if they were ever really family.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Fri, Sep 16
5:30 pm