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Shorts 4: Living the Lucha

  • 94 mins

Admission is available as a $16 single ticket or $25 VIP Premium Ticket, which includes premium status an hour before the show, access to our fully furnished lounge to network and relax before the show, complementary crafted beverages, appetizers, and photo opportunities in the lounge.

In this program

Guero & Prieto

Directed by Mario Garza

A young, newly Mexican immigrant in Miami is in for a rude awakening when he finds himself with no money and no support from his family back home, until he meets an undocumented young man who offers him the possibility to start a new life away from his chaotic family.

El Carrito

Directed by Zahida Pirani

Nelly lives alone with her elderly father. The only way she makes ends meet is by working as a street vendor from dawn to dusk. She has learned not to trust anyone until one day she is forced to take a leap of faith or be resigned to her position forever.


Directed by Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz

A struggling Afro-LatinX actor accepts a well-paid, yet mysterious role, only to realize too late the true cost of her performance.

Cemented Roses

Directed by Andrew J Rodriguez

A queer young man uses hook-up apps to find HIV medication for his undocumented father.


Directed by April Maxey

Struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend, Gabriela impulsively decides to drop into an old job, where she unexpectedly runs into a friend from her past.


Directed by Nicole Chi

Marielitos is a Mexican immigrant nanny struggling with the last days of her current nanny job, and trying to find a new one.

Thank You, Have A Nice Day

Directed by Rodrigo Olivar

A food delivery worker rides anxiously through the streets of New York city. One of these deliveries turns out to be a very bitter surprise.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 17
10:30 pm