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Short Docs 1

  • 68 mins

In this program

Flatbush! Flatbush!

Directed by Alex Mallis

A fleet of mini-buses race up and down Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, providing commuters a familiar, if not occasionally harrowing, alternative to the subway for only $2 a ride.

In Their Hands / En Sus Manos

Directed by Elle Rinaldi

Three generations of women—seasoned traveling hula hooper, Daly; teenage-contortionist, Nelyet; and first-time performing aerial artists, Helen, Haden, Karen, and Keren—warm up behind the curtains of the circus in Havana, Cuba. Personal and societal pressures brought on by the rigor of the circus surmount: each must reckon with the physical pain, gender stereotypes, and dreams of being a female athlete in Cuba.

Seeds, The Legacy of the Land / Semillas, El Legado De La Tierra

Directed by Fernando Valencia

In rural Mexico, maize seeds have been passed down from generation to generation. Inspired by his father’s knowledge, Ramón conserves different maize seed varieties to share with other campesinos. Meanwhile, Camilo, an experienced campesino, saves his seeds along with the hope for a future that returns to tradition. Both live with the worry that when they die, no one will continue their legacy.

Veintitres: Our Labor Saved Lives

Directed by Djali Brown-Cepeda

This film documents the 2021 23-day hunger strike held by undocumented, excluded workers and allies alike whose fight led to New York State’s passing of the Excluded Workers Fund. The $2.1B fund allowed for excluded, undocumented workers to receive COVID relief, the first economic assistance package for undocumented, excluded workers of its kind in the United States.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 17
12:30 pm