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What I’ve Never Lost

Directed by Marina Thomé

Directed by: Marina Thomé

Produced by: Marcia Mansur

Playing like a psychedelic trip through the world’s largest wetland, musical documentary What I’ve Never Lost invites us to get up close and personal with one of the most groundbreaking artists of Brazilian music: Alzira E.

Alzira Espíndola (Alzira E), a vocalist, guitarist and a poet, is a live legend of Brazilian music. During her half-a-century-long career she has shifted from the traditional sound to experimental music to eventually become a leader of a rock band in the autumn of her life. She derives her strength and inspiration from her family home in Pantanal, one of the country’s most conservative and patriarchal regions, near the border with Paraguay. Many years later, she reminisces about her roots and arrival at São Paulo, as a young mother of five, where she continues to challenge musical and patriarchal traditions as an independent woman and an innovative artist. Through a collage of archival footage and video art images, What I’ve Never Lost looks into 50 years of musical experimentation through cinema.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Thu, Sep 15
4:00 pm