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Directed by Iván de Lara, Victoria Apolinario

Directed by: Victoria Apolinario, Iván de Lara

Produced by: Victoria Apolinario, Nathalia Lafuente

A Dominican immigrant in Buenos Aires struggles to keep her business afloat, driven by the dream of bringing her teenage son to Argentina.

Morena, a Dominican immigrant, runs a small restaurant that offers Dominican food and nightlife on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. However, her failed partnership with her daughter’s husband has left her vulnerable to losing her business. Faced with a situation that jeopardizes the shaky economic stability that she’s achieved from a miserable nine years of  underpaid work in Argentina, she continues to dream of bringing her son to the country before he reaches maturity. 

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Fri, Sep 16
6:00 pm