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Divorce Bait

Directed by Patrick Perez Vidauri

Directed by: Patrick Perez Vidauri

Writer: Cristina Nava

Produced by: Cristina Nava

Cast: Justin Berti, Vannessa Vasquez, Joe Nuñez

A raunchy rom-com about a happily married couple in an affluent LA neighborhood who embark on a social media experiment to see how their group of friends and community will react to their fake divorce. The results reveal where their friends’ priorities lie as they come out of the woodwork to comfort the new divorcees and catch them on the rebound.

Alexis Laguna is a happily re-married, suburban housewife. But when she finds out that her friends are getting a divorce and have begun to date others within their circle, she starts to spiral. Who can she trust? Alexis comes up with a plan. She announces on social media that she and Marco are getting a divorce to see which of her friends will try to steal her husband. Meanwhile, an old flame comes back into her life as she returns to her former career as a hand model. Now Alexis must learn the true meaning of trust, or fail at yet another marriage.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Thu, Sep 15
6:15 pm