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Directed by Silvina Schnicer, Ulises Porra

Admission is available as a $16 single ticket or $25 VIP Premium Ticket, which includes premium status an hour before the show, access to our fully furnished lounge to network and relax before the show, complementary crafted beverages, appetizers, and photo opportunities in the lounge.

Directed by: Silvina Schnicer, Ulises Porra

Writers: Ulla Prida, Silvina Schnicer, Ulises Porra

Produced by: Ulla Prida, Alexandra Guerrero, Federico Eibuszyc, Bárbara Sarasola-Day, Donald Rabinovitch

Cast: Cecile Van Welie, Magnolia Núñez, Adelanny Padilla, Genesis Buret, Javier Hermida, Richard Douglas

Juxtaposing a sinister mood with striking visuals, Carajita is a haunting domestic drama that plays like a psychological thriller, deriving oppressive tension from unspoken inequalities and the impunity of privilege in the Dominican Republic as they play out between an oligarch’s privileged daughter and her Black Dominican nanny.

Sara, the pampered daughter of a corrupt oligarch whose family recently relocated to Las Terrenas, thinks of her Black Dominican nanny, Yarisa, as “part of the family.” The two have a relationship that transcends their class and race conditions: similar to that of a mother and daughter. But an accident will test their intimate loyalty, the innocent illusion of never separating, and Sara’s naive ideas about race, class, and family.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Thu, Sep 15
8:30 pm