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New York Latino Film Festival

U.S. Features

  1. Badsville

    April Mullen / U.S. Features / USA / 96 mins
    A violent greaser gang is ripped apart when their leader finds love and is determined to leave Badsville - a town where love doesn't exist.

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 11:00am Buy Tickets

  2. Love Cecy

    Jay Francisco Lopez / U.S. Features / USA / 100 mins
    Ripped from the headlines, Love Cecy takes audiences back to the cholo, free-style culture of 1990s California as it retells the story of 15 year old Cecilia Rios. The film follows Rios’ promising beginnings- striving to become a lawyer while keeping her cholo boyfriend off the streets- to its tragic end on March 14, 1994, when her brutal murder was chronicled by newspapers across the country.
    Love Cecy

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 5:45pm Buy Tickets

  3. The Naked Truth

    Guru Enlightenment / U.S. Features / USA / 68 mins
    Hilarious and high energy, Rick “Wind” Herrera’s semi-autobiographical one man show pays homage to John Leguizamo’s shock performance piece Freak.
    The Naked Truth

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Oct. 14 8:30pm Buy Tickets