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New York Latino Film Festival

FUTURO Digital Conference

NYLFF Futuro Digital ConferenceCo-Presented by: Driven Society
Wednesday Oct. 11

Venue: Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
Address: 1680 Lexington Avenue, NYC (Between 105th and 106th Streets)

Admission Single Session: $ 15.00  FUTURO (Inc. Webseries/Pilot Showcase and Networking reception)

FUTURO, a one-day conference featuring a webseries showcase and conversations from top thought-leaders, executives, and influencers in the digital space. From social media to video on demand, mobile video consumption to digital content, Multiculturals are a driving force in the digital era, and yet diversity and investment in the Multicultural space continues to be scarce.


Meet the disrupters who are looking to change the game.

Panel 1 (12PM): Insta-Influencers

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As Instagram continues to evolve with new capabilities to present content, a new wave of creators is taking advantage of the platform to brand themselves as influencers in their creative fields. Meet the new crop of “Insta-Influencers” in fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and business as we discuss their methods of engagement and the ways they monetize their content.

  • Moderator: Dariana Colon-Bibb, PR & Managing Partner, Rebelle Agency 12:00PM

  • André G. Travieso, Attorney & Founder, Travieso Law

  • Vivian Nuñez, Creator + Host, Creating Espacios & Founder, Too Damn Young

  • Amy Collado, Entrepreneur, Artist, Activist and Philanthropist

  • Alex Wolf  – Creative Strategist, Influencer

Panel 2 (2PM): Distribute Me

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With the rise of digital content via webseries and reality shows, platforms for Latino content, investment, and sponsorship opportunities to support remain difficult. As with all media, this is a numbers game. As sites like Youtube and Daily Motion raise the bar on the number of views that can be obtained for monitization, meet the distributors and producers for a candid conversation on what these distribution platforms look for, how to market your content, and how creators can make money.

  • Moderator: Natalia Saavedra, CMO, Driven Society

  • Edwin Mejia, Executive Producer | Head of Content at The Vladar Company and Co-Founder of Generation Iron

  • John Henry, Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Allen Maldonado, Actor, Black-ish and creator of Everybody Digital

  • Kathleen Bedoya, Co-Creator & Producer, East Los High

Panel 3 (4PM): Brand Partnerships

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Millennials want to know how to leverage their social media and following into actual dollars and that starts with partnering with brands and companies to promote their products.  But there is an authentic way to go about this that millennials sometimes ignore.

  • Moderator: James ‘JB’ Barreiro, Head of Events, Driven Society

  • Aristotle Torres, Filmmaker

  • Brandon Bryant, Influencer, Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Yamin Segal, Senior Programming, Flama

  • Karine Travieso, Vice President, Media Solutions (Major League Soccer)

Futuro Webseries Showcase (6PM): A showcase of Digital Series and pilots

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Web / New Media | U.S.A. | 25 Min.

Directed by: Robert Alicea
Writer: Robert Alicea

Four best friends living in Astoria- an anonymous dating guru, a single dad, a struggling musician and a bachelor in love with his paid escort- take on mankind’s greatest challenge: their thirties.

Web / New Media | U.S.A. | 5 Min.

Directed by: Aldo Pisano
Writer: Aldo Pisano, Rajiv Shah


A desperate accountant convinces an offbeat hitman to help him kills his grandmother. In season one, these two knuckleheads will find themselves in a world of pain as they discover that Granny is not the sweet old lady she appears

Animation, Web / New Media | U.S.A. | 6 Min.

Directed by: Juan Rodriguez
Writers: Juan Rodriguez, Robert Vasquez, Marc Rivera

Hey Vato

Two philosophizing cholo puppets talk about love, life and possibly your mom.

Web / New Media | U.S.A. | 44 Min.

Directed by: Shiek Mahmud-Bey
Writer: Steven Williams and Shiek Mahmud-Bey

Inner Circle

Set in an in-patient rehab program, this deeply touching series demonstrates how through intense group therapy, members of different races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds and generations sometimes bond over the one thing they have in common: addiction.