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New York Latino Film Festival

Films and Events

  1. Afrolatinos “An Untaught History”

    Renzo Devia / Documentaries / Colombia / 64 mins
    Giving voice to communities throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America that have been excluded from history for centuries, this provocative documentary delves into the Afro-Latino experience, covering topics such as history, identity, language, religion, traditions, art and social issues.
    Afrolatinos “An Untaught History”

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Oct. 14 4:00pm Buy Tickets

  2. Angelica

    Marisol Gómez-Mouakad / International Features / Puerto Rico / 100 mins
    After a long absence, a young woman is forced to leave her life in NYC, return to her home in Puerto Rico and grapple with the questions of family and racial identity she had left behind.

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Friday, Oct. 13 6:00pm Buy Tickets


    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Oct. 14 12:00pm Buy Tickets

  3. As Duas Irenes

    Fabio Meira / International Features / Brazil / 88 mins
    Irene, 13, is part of a traditional family. One day she discovers that her father has a second family and another daughter of the same age, also called Irene.
    As Duas Irenes

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Oct. 14 2:00pm Buy Tickets

  4. Badsville

    April Mullen / U.S. Features / USA / 96 mins
    A violent greaser gang is ripped apart when their leader finds love and is determined to leave Badsville - a town where love doesn't exist.

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 11:00am Buy Tickets

  5. Cada Paso Del Camino (Presented by: AARP)-Free Admission

    Alberto Ferreras / Documentaries / USA / 90 mins
    Cada paso del camino is an emotive chronicle of the day-to-day experiences of five caregivers, as they share the challenges, hardships and solutions that come with caring for loved ones who can no longer look after themselves.
    Cada Paso Del Camino

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Friday, Oct. 13 7:00pm Buy Tickets

  6. A Change Of Heart (Presented by: American Airlines)

    Kenny Ortega / Premieres / USA / 105 mins
    Frustrated with the cards life has dealt him and the product of circumstances that have driven him to fear diversity, Hank (Jim Belushi) finds himself at odds with the diversifying demographics of his central Florida town. After suffering a heart attack, Hank is given a chance at survival- but will he accept the heart of a Puerto Rican drag queen?
    A Change Of Heart

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 8:15pm Buy Tickets

  7. Corpo Eléctrico

    Marcelo Caetano / International Features / Brazil / 93 mins
    Through a series of casual encounters, a young man gets the feel of a new city.
    Corpo Eléctrico

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Thursday, Oct. 12 10:20pm Buy Tickets

    Corpo Eléctrico

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 2:00pm Buy Tickets

  8. El Pantera

    Landon Dyksterhouse / Documentaries / Mexico / 108 mins
    A documentary film chronicling the rise of Mexican UFC fighter Yair Rodriguez. The film documents Yair's training camp leading up to his biggest UFC fight of his career vs Alex Caceres and then follows him down back through the US/Mexico border to his hometown Parral, Chihuahua and then into the Tarahumara mountains where a survivor like adventure unfolds. The film addresses topics ranging from the American dream, immigration and life as a fighter.
    El Pantera

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Oct. 14 6:00pm Buy Tickets

  9. El Silencio De Los Fusiles

    Natalia Orozco / International Features / Colombia / 120 mins
    In When the Guns Go Silent, journalist and filmmaker Natalia Orozco portrays both parties throughout a peace process that may allow the transition of the world's oldest guerrilla group into democracy.
    El Silencio De Los Fusiles

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 3:00pm Buy Tickets

  10. En El Séptimo Día

    Jim McKay / Closing Night and After-Party / USA / 90 mins
    Acclaimed director Jim McKay’s first film in over a decade is this timely, compassionate, often humorous look at life in New York as an undocumented Mexican immigrant.
    En El Séptimo Día

    Cinépolis Chelsea
    Saturday, Oct. 14 6:30pm Buy Tickets