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New York Latino Film Festival

International Features

  1. American Curious

    Gabylu Lara / International Features / Mexico / 2017 / 85 mins
    Jordan Belfi, Ana Claudia Talancón and Isela Vega star in this romantic comedy about a Chicago-based stand-up comedian, David Green, who finds out that the Mexican biological mother he never knew has passed away and left him a restaurant in Mexico City.
    American Curious

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Friday, Aug. 24 7:00pm Buy Tickets

  2. Ashes

    Juan Sebastian Jacome / International Features / Ecuador, Uruguay / 2018 / 97 mins
    On the brink of eruption, Cotopaxi spews ash issuing an eerie shadow over Quito while a young woman confronts dormant familial conflicts in this stunning and poignant drama.

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 11:00am Buy Tickets

  3. Beyond Brotherhood

    Arianne M. Benedetti / International Features / Argentina, Panama, USA / 2017 / 90 mins
    After nearly twenty years in production, Arianne M. Benedetti’s touching family epic has moved audiences across the country, ranking as Panama’s 2nd largest box-office hit of all time.
    Beyond Brotherhood

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Thursday, Aug. 23 6:00pm Buy Tickets

  4. La Familia

    Gustavo Rondón Córdova / International Features / Chile, Norway, Venezuela / 2017 / 82 mins
    Director Gustavo Rondón’s paints a gritty, fast-paced picture of the violence of everyday life in Venezuela’s capital city while telling the story of a father willing to sacrifice everything for his son.
    La Familia

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 7:30pm Buy Tickets

  5. Medea

    Alexandra Latishev Salazar / International Features / Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica / 2016 / 73 mins
    In her directorial debut, Costa Rican director Alexandra Latishev Salazar paints a powerful portrait of a lost young woman in search of meaning.

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 1:00pm Buy Tickets

  6. Pablo’s Word

    Arturo Menendez / International Features / Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico / 2017 / 84 mins
    Sexy and tragic, this film-noirish take on William Shakespeare’s “Othello” offers a compelling mix of lust, murder, corruption, jealousy and deceit as everything comes crashing down for a wealthy family in contemporary El Salvador.
    Pablo’s Word

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Friday, Aug. 24 9:30pm Buy Tickets

  7. A Translator

    Rodrigo Barriuso & Sebastián Barriuso / International Features / Canada, Cuba / 2017 / 107 mins
    Rooted in the little-known true story of how twenty thousand Chernobyl victims were eventually treated in Cuba, Un Traductor unfolds as a tale at once historical and personal, brought to life in crisply shot, beautifully realized period detail of a Havana on the brink of economic crisis.
    A Translator

    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Saturday, Aug. 25 8:00pm Buy Tickets

  8. Virus Tropical

    Santiago Caicedo / International Features / Colombia / 2017 / 97 mins
    Based on the autobiographical graphic novel Powerpaola, this intricately animated coming-of-age story is a unique and utterly refreshing take on growing up and finding yourself.
    Virus Tropical

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 9:30pm Buy Tickets