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Shorts Program 1: Mean Streets

  • 76 mins

In this program

Ferris Wheel

Directed by Kyle Andrews

A homeless man named Ferris struggles to maintain his humanity, despite the crippling pressures of survival on the streets.

Perro De Calle

Directed by Jose Guerrero

Directed by: Jose Guerrero. A short that follows the trials and tribulations of an aimless drug addict in the Bronx.


Directed by Major Dorfman

Over the course of a summer afternoon, two brothers must decide whether or not they will remain silent about a horrible secret.


Directed by Byron Leon

Anxiously convinced his flu-like symptoms could be something much worse, a luckless Brooklynite winds up in a fever-dream series of misadventures as he searches through the night for medical care in an unfamiliar city.

After Hours

Directed by Marco Sroka

Carlos’ past and present collide during a drug bust gone bad.

Don’t Come Close

Directed by Daniel Fermín Pfeffer

At the height of New York City’s COVID pandemic, a young man can’t come close to his family.


Directed by Alexandra Hinojosa

Alina is haunted by a presence she must confront in order to make a break from her former life.

Dates & Times



Mon, Sep 13
6:00 pm