Shorts Program 7: We May Be Through With The Past But The Past Is Not Through With Us

  • 102 mins

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Directed by Randy Valdes

Marlie, a dutiful assistant who dreams of being the theater’s next star, struggles to wrangle a flamboyant cast of characters for a closing performance of Las Amargas Lagrimas de Petra von Kant. Along the way she learns that what she thought would bring her closer to her big break, is actually what may be keeping her from her dream.

Silent Partner

Directed by Aristotle Torres

Silas Jones is an accomplished, Black trial attorney on the cusp of making partner at a white-shoe law firm. Upon successfully defending a white woman charged with murdering a Black teen, Silas comes to a crossroads with his wife Kosi, an equally accomplished professor, as they prepare to attend the firm’s celebration. As the night progresses, Silas questions the legitimacy of his promotion. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

The Montage (El Montaje)

Directed by Ed Trucco

In the midst of loss & grief, a tango dancer rediscovers the true healing power of music & dance.

All That We Were (Todo Lo Que Fui(Mos))

Directed by Lorenzo Navas Ortega

After years of distance and silence, Rafael is reunited with his father upon learning of his death. In the midst of the pandemic, he will seek to give him his burial rites with the help of  his best friend, José.

Forgotten But Not Gone

Directed by Michael Rocha

A work-obsessed man loses his childhood optimism. He then ventures into his subconscious and confronts the force that took it away, hoping to return to the real world with a new outlook.

I Just Wish You Told Me

Directed by Michelle C. Bonilla

Jessie and Karen have been a same sex couple for thirteen years. When Karen doesn’t make it out of her surgery, a traumatized Jessie can’t make sense of it. In her search, Jessie discovers hidden truths that disrupt and shake her confidence in their entire relationship.

Dates & Times

Sun, Sep 19
8:00 pm