Shorts Program 6: In This Film Block, Heartbreak is Guaranteed

  • 104 mins

In this program


Directed by Carlos Carrasco

A veteran returns home to surprise his daughter at school and gets his own surprise.

Maria Camila’s Gift (El Regalo De Maria Camila)

Directed by Andrés Molano Moncada

9-year-old María Camila hands out pieces of paper in a park. Immediately after reading them, people begin to impersonate different animals. What power does María Camila have to transform them?

Little Prank (Una Bromita)

Directed by Jordi Funtanet

How far can a prank about winning the lottery go? This group will soon find out not everyone thinks the same about certain matters, in a story about inequality and making one’s own luck.


Directed by Roger A. Galvez

A young Salvadoran family spends an evening cleaning a dry cleaner.

El Clasico

Directed by Joel Vázquez Cárdenas

The tumultuous journey of two friends to a soccer stadium gives them a new perspective of their friendship, their morals, and Mexico City.


Directed by Jesahel Newton-Bernal

28-year-old Luna struggles to survive in the streets while carrying the weight of her childhood trauma.

Hurricane Flora

Directed by Gabriel De Varona

A Cuban-American documentarian rides out a hurricane at her parents’ house with her boyfriend. Tensions rise as she takes advantage of being locked in and attempts to interview her emotionally reserved father about his dark past in Cuba.

Dates & Times

Sat, Sep 18
8:00 pm