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Shorts Program 5: Goaaaaaal

  • 93 mins

In this program

Dribbling (La Gambeta)

Directed by Catalina Alarcón

Marcelo (12) spends his days between soccer and games, imagining that everything is as easy as it is on the field. Kick off! Marcelo will do the impossible to make the best play of his life: get the same sneakers as his soccer idol.


Directed by Rebeca Ortiz

Left to spend the day alone together, a young girl and her visiting Abuela must find a way to connect, despite the language barrier that separates them.

Crabs in a Barrel

Directed by Michael León

Celebrating your friends is super exciting…unless you’re the least successful person in the room. A jaded writer attends her frenemy’s congratulatory event only to discover that she has been robbed of her career changing opportunity. Will she toast the host? Get ready to go from #LOL to #WTF.

When You Clean A Stranger’s Home

Directed by Sharon Arteaga

Abby, a first-generation high school student, describes what she and her mom have learned about people when cleaning their homes. House decor and items left around convey a privilege that unveils Abby’s imagination, jealousy, and frustrations.

Keys (Llaves)

Directed by Mayra A. Flores, Nicholas Manting Brewer

A young mother, whose family is separated by ICE, shares her story in this short, animated documentary.


Directed by Justin Joseph Hall

When a woman falls in love and marries a good man she expects to be happy, but finds herself miserable because she does not want to provide something that her husband expects from her. On their way to a clinic they get a flat tire and meet a woman who will change the course of their lives.

Asi En La Tierra

Directed by Joel Vázquez Cárdenas

After losing his harvest when a meteorite crashes on his farm, Salvador Huerta conspires with the local priest to profit from the townspeople’s faith by tricking them into believing that the rock is a sign from God.

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Sat, Sep 18
5:00 pm