Shorts Program 3: It’s Just An Illusion

  • 89 mins

In this program


Directed by Fernanda Tapia

DREAMer Insta-Model Loli, works her first fashion campaign in L.A.- but in order to finish the photoshoot, she must prove her legal status. Will Loli the chihuahua get deported to Mexico or will she live the American dream?

Please Enjoy Your Stay

Directed by Tynan DeLong

An anxious musician finds himself unable to leave his hotel room.


Directed by Juan Medina

On his first day of work as a miner, Martin, a cocky teenager, will learn the importance of rituals and respect for ancestors.

Pine Mountain Overnight

Directed by Geena Marie Hernandez

A naïve teen discovers just how hairy growing up can be when she embarks on an overnight class camping field trip, braving big rumors, big boobs, and even Bigfoot.

Hector’s Woman (La Mujer De Hector)

Directed by Ricardo Varona

In 2018, a year after the landfall of Hurricane María, a young mother named Paola attempts to find herself as she wrestles with her responsibilities to her daughter and incarcerated husband.

El Triste

Directed by Manuel Del Valle

“El Triste”, an old, used, ragdoll-like marionette, will do whatever it takes to prove to himself and his fellow puppets that he is valuable and worthy of admiration on his whimsical journey of self-acceptance and discovery.

It’s Not Her (No Es Ella)

Directed by Samuel Gonzalez Vera

She is in Cuba and He is in Chile. As they talk on the phone, the distance brings them closer to their own fears and prejudices.

Dates & Times

Fri, Sep 17
8:00 pm