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Shorts Program 2: Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

  • 101 mins

In this program


Directed by J.Sean Smith

High school cheerleader and whitina (white acting Latina) Genesis  is forced to flee with her two former best friends after a recorded confrontation with undercover I.C.E. agents goes #viral. While on the run, the trio uncover secrets about one another and their immigration status, and ultimately learn what it really means to be “down for La Raza.”


Directed by Jason Tropiano

A gay man’s struggle to be accepted leads to an unexpected physical transformation that forces him to discover who he really wants to be.

Tejano Night

Directed by Alexander Rosales

While out of town at a family gathering in South Texas, an awkward Mexican-American, Mijo, is forced to tag along with his cousin to a local bar after butchering his Spanish pronunciation at dinner.

Super Ma

Directed by Juan Gil

A struggling single mother yearns for stability and purpose. Caught in a moment of peril, she must unleash her inner hero and get home safely to her son.

Swine (Cerdo)

Directed by Aquiles Cervantes

Jose, a grown man, has continuous fights with himself over his eating disorder.

With His Eyes Closed

Directed by Jose Navas

In the city of Miami, Andres and his younger brother Miguel are living under the control of their physically abusive father. After Andres decides to skip school, his seemingly adventurous escape brings an unexpected consequence, ultimately pushing him to fight back against his father in a fearless attempt to protect his younger brother.

Soy Hombre

Directed by Juan Pablo Blanco

In a dark alley, a mysterious nurse hops into a taxi. Her intention is to arrive at the highway lookout as soon as possible. During the journey the taxi driver sees an excellent opportunity for romance, while she sees an excellent opportunity to change his life.

Pool Boy

Directed by Luke Willis

Austin, a college jock home for the summer, unexpectedly develops a crush on Star, his parents’ non-binary pool cleaner, and struggles to hide his growing feelings from his clique of straight friends.

Dates & Times



Mon, Sep 13
10:00 pm