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Short Documentary Program 4

  • 68 mins

In this program

Cartagena Boy

Directed by Ibai Vigil-Escalera, Jose Andre Sibaja

Five Venezuelan boys leave their country in search of opportunities and means to support their families. They travel to hostile streets in Cartagena facing a reality far different from their hopes and dreams.

Team Meryland

Directed by Gabriel Gaurano

Born and raised in the Watts projects of Los Angeles, twelve-year-old Mexican-American boxer Meryland Gonzalez fights in-and-out of the ring for her dream to be crowned the 2019 Junior Olympics champion.

Inner City Legend

Directed by Edwin FrankO

Everyone has a struggle. Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to say. “WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE?” is a documentary series where we sit down with hustlers from all sides of the spectrum – from athletes to artists to business successes – and learn more about what makes them tick. The series’ pilot episode stars professional boxer Scrappy Ramirez: from a fateful training session with Freddie Roach to becoming Los Angeles’ pride, this is the story of the Inner City Legend.

Dates & Times



Sun, Sep 19
10:00 pm