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Short Documentary Program 1

  • 59 mins

In this program

The Sunset Is Not A Permanent Home (Lagrimas Negras)

Directed by Andrew Garcia

Circumstances test notions of love, loss, and identity held by teens in Brooklyn and Queens while navigating their way through life and finding their own voice in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Melting Snow

Directed by Janah Elise Cox

Melting Snow is a short archival documentary exploring the coloniality of Puerto Rico’s labor through the symbol of water. The documentary centers around the 1952 event during which the mayor of San Juan partnered with Eastern Airlines to transport two tons of snow from the United States to Puerto Rico. The snow was a gift, meant to delight Puerto Ricans with a white, American Christmas. However, as the spectacle unfolds, a lopsided transaction is revealed…

Black Waters (Aguas Negras)

Directed by Mateo Vargas

Black Waters is a documentary about the Cuautitlán River that runs through the State of Mexico. It examines the passage of time and the pollution of the river by focusing on conversations with multiple generations of women that have grown up on its banks.

The War Against Our Schools / La Guerra Contra Nuestras Escuelas

Directed by Mikey Cordero

Through nuanced storytelling that highlights the resistance of local communities and micro-movements, this timely documentary explores the short and long term impact of school closings and privatization of education in Puerto Rico. The island’s teachers, parents, students, and activists speak on grassroots efforts to combat the closings and rescue school spaces, while parents and teachers from New Orleans, New York, and Chicago, share their experiences and what communities should be aware of as the war against public education reaches the shores of Puerto Rico.

Dates & Times



Mon, Sep 13
9:30 pm