• 66 mins

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Directed by Michael Vargas

A woman’s cozy night home alone turns deadly after an endless string of terrifying neighborhood crime alerts bombard her phone with warnings of a killer on the loose… who’s actually closer than she thinks.


Directed by Katherine Castro, Liza Gipsova, Nona Catusanu, Red Dawn Trio

Directed by: Nona Catusanu, Katherine Castro, Liza Gipsova, Red Dawn Trio. One woman faces her final obligation in…

Hell of a Pitcher

Directed by Daniel Burity

It’s Independence Day, and a group of high school friends decide to trespass on a little league baseball field. As the night unfolds, a mysterious baseball player forces them into a deadly game that questions the place of latino immigrants in current American society.

Momma, Don’t Go

Directed by Rafael De Leon Jr.

A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.

Nobody’s Crowd / Coletivo De Multidao

Directed by Manoel Fernandes Neto

Year 2024. We are simultaneously lonely and surrounded by crowds. After the new coronavirus pandemic, a couple grows apart as they immerse themselves in their own, separate lives. Stuck in a dysfunctional routine, they must face each other and ask: will we drown together or will we finally plunge into a new life?


Directed by Jowy Santiago

Directed by: Jowy Santiago. While playing brisca, a friar and two nuns discuss whether or not they are…

Dates & Times

Fri, Sep 17
11:00 pm