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Futuro Program 2

  • 81 mins

In this program


Directed by Daniel Gaymon

Adventure and drama can still be had in a Pandemic. With Broadway shut down and a virus on the loose, neighbors and besties Sharrod and Joey rely on each other to stay afloat in the “new normal”. Ironically, they both end up in interracial dating situations: one with an old flame and the other with a newly discovered neighbor. Break-ups, surprise parties, and love triangles ensue. Will their friendship, and the world, survive the Pandemic?

Real American

Directed by Jacob de la Rosa, Kathryn Postema

A news producer covers politics in an alternate timeline where aliens came to Earth as refugees. She’s at risk of becoming the story when a divisive politician’s rise to power threatens to expose her deepest secret.

Our Shag Pad

Directed by Aldo Pisano

In this mockumentary set in the 1960s, a Cuban ladies’ man has his life turned upside down when a young Latina visits his beloved apartment.

Short Adam

Directed by Adam Lopez

A struggling actor living in Los Angeles dreams of success in the entertainment industry and launches an unscrupulous talent search in a last ditch effort to survive in Hollywood.

United Space of America

Directed by William D. Caballero

Two elderly astronauts. One mission. Find a new planet to retire to, after political infighting has made their old one untenable. However, the more galaxies they traverse and alien civilization they meet, the more a painful truth becomes clear: the same political and social problems plaguing America today, are abundant throughout the cosmos. The United Space of America is a mixed media interstitial (web) series that blends social commentary and current events with witty satire, set amongst a sci-fi backdrop.

Dates & Times



Thu, Sep 16
6:00 pm