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Futuro Program 1

  • 75 mins

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Directed by Lin Que Ayoung

While attending Aston University, Alexis, Lynn, Reagan and Viv formed a sisterhood that only grew stronger over the years; but when professional expectations, societal pressures and internal conflicts collide, public personas fade and their alma mater becomes the crossroad where the duality of being black and a woman is reconciled.

Border Patrol

Directed by John Lopez

Border Patrol is a satirical comedy about a group of Latino Border Patrol agents and the eccentric residents who live in the tiny border town of Aburrida — where the biggest dangers they face are the problems they create.

Fake Live

Directed by Alexandre Paes Leme

Fernanda Paes Leme (herself), a famous actress and TV personality in Brazil, feels overwhelmed and unaccomplished despite her thriving career. Just as she decides to perform in an adaptation of Hamlet to add some meaning to her life, she has her social media accounts stolen by an identical doppelganger. Business flourishes as a quarantined Fernanda investigates who stole her identity and why, as she tries to redefine herself personally and professionally. Best watched on smartphones with headphones.

LA 143

Directed by Sergio Monserrate

Izzy just got dumped, and getting dumped has a way of complicating things when you thought you had love figured out and you’re a serial monogamist. Her two roommates, unapologetic player Charlie and wild, free spirit Arie, guide her back into the millennial LA dating scene. The three friends navigate dating actors, period sex, brunch and STDs while they try to figure out what love actually means.

Dates & Times



Tue, Sep 14
6:00 pm