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The Kids in the Bikes (Los Motitos)

Directed by Inés Barrionuevo

Cast: Carla Gusolfino, Carolina Godoy, Ignacio Pedrone

Directed by: Inés Barrionuevo, Gabriela Vidal. Writer: Gabriela Vidal. Produced by: Martin Paolorossi, Andrea Vitali.

Young, in love, and living in a neighborhood besieged by policemen, teenagers Juliana and Lautaro are at a loss when forced to contend with an unwanted pregnancy. 

Throughout Córdoba, Argentina, there is a wave of looting, and the police are taking several young people. In the midst of this hectic period, teenage Juliana becomes pregnant by her boyfriend, Lautaro. Juliana wants to have an abortion, but she is afraid to do it with pills and they do not have money to pay for an intervention. Juliana’s mother, Flor, notices what is going on and decides to take action.

Dates & Times



Sat, Sep 18
9:00 pm