The Broken Glass Theory (La Teoria De Los Vidrios Rotos)

Directed by Diego Fernández Pujol

Cast: Carlos Frasca, Guillermo Arengo, Jenny Galvan, Jorge Temponi, Josefina Trías, Martín Slipak, Roberto Birindelli, Verónica Perrotta

Directed by: Diego Fernández Pujol. Writer: Diego Fernández Pujol, Rodolfo Santullo. Produced by: Micaela Solé, Diego Fernández Pujol, Aletéia Selonk, Juan Pablo Miller.

In this pitch black comedy, an on-the-rise insurance expert finds himself in a never-ending nightmare as he races against the clock, and his clients’ patience, to discover the identity of a serial arsonist.

Claudio is the new insurance expert in a small town far from the capital. It seems like a simple job, but when he arrives, he is faced with the worst series of intentional car fires the town had ever seen. Cornered by clients, Claudio must discover what and who is behind the attacks, without being able to trust anything or anyone.

Dates & Times

Wed, Sep 15
10:00 pm