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Directed by Romel Rodriguez

Cast: Chase Brown, Jessenia Gallegos, Kenneth “Kenstarrrz” Reyes, Marc Reign, Rachel Strauss-Muñiz

Directed by: Romel Rodriguez. Writer: Romel Rodriguez. Produced by: Jose Toyla, Ramon Pesante, Jessenia Gallegos, Marc Reign.

A struggling Latino entrepreneur starts a business to professionally prevent his clients’ romantic pursuits from entering another relationship in order to help his mom buy her dream house in Florida.

Alex is a young man with big dreams just scraping by, who wants the best for his mother. After she is scammed out of her life savings, Alex makes use of his talent for business by starting a service that takes on clients who want to block their romantic interests from pursuing another person. Romel Rodriguez’s debut feature  is a funny, sentimental, and exciting film about family, friendship, surviving domestic violence, love, and starting a new business.

Dates & Times



Fri, Sep 17
10:00 pm