Pablus Gallinazo

Directed by Alberto Gomez Peña


Directed by: Alberto Gomez Peña. Produced by: Linda Marín.

Colombian protest singer Pablus Gallinazo takes us inside his home while the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the world, opening up about his self-imposed confinement and offering a behind the scenes look as he continues to call for social justice through his music.

Pablus Gallinazo shares the experience of his voluntary confinement with us while a large part of the population tries to get used to this new way of life, which is demanded by the spread of the pandemic. For Pablus this confinement is something normal, he was already accustomed to leaving his house just once a week for necessities. His home is that space where he allows himself to live what interests him the most. Now we find him working on a new version of his song “Una flor para mascar”, which aims to preserve his legacy of fighting against social injustice in Colombia.

Dates & Times

Wed, Sep 15
9:00 pm