Opposite Direction (Direccion Opuesta)

Directed by Alejandro Bellame

Cast: Alberto Alifa, Christian González, Claudia Rojas, Diana Volpe, Erick Palacios

Directed by: Alejandro Bellame. Writers: Alejandro Bellame, Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles. Produced by: Juan Antonio Diaz, Andres Figueredo, Alejandro Bellame, Constanza Profeta, Marcel Rasquin, Joe Torres.

Since her childhood, Eugenia has had a concrete goal: leave Venezuela. And so begins a 13 year journey that explores nostalgia, uprooting, and the complex and often unpredictable pursuit of happiness. Opposite Direction is much more than a portrait of the Venezuelan diaspora; it’s a story of young love, hopes dashed and restored, and what it means to grow up. 

Meet three young people – in wretched, ostracized, breathtakingly beautiful Venezuela – on spring break and on the road, in search of a way out, and answers to unanswerable questions. Luis and Vadier join 17-year-old Eugenia on a road trip in search of Eugenia’s unknown Italian grandfather, whose citizenship may guarantee her a European passport and a way out of Venezuela’s political and economic crisis. After a torrid affair, she promises Luis that they will meet in Rome in 13 years. Time passes and the now adult Eugenia receives a phone call reminding her of that promise, one she no longer wants to keep.

Dates & Times

Fri, Sep 17
7:00 pm