Jaguar Man (Homem Onca)

Directed by Vinícius Reis

Cast: Bianca Byington, Chico Diaz, Emilio de Mello, Silvia Buarque, Tom Karabachian, Valentina Herszage

Directed by: Vinícius Reis. Writer: Vinícius Reis. Produced by: Bárbara Defanti, Daniel Van Hoogstraten, Gisela B. Camara.

Pedro works for a state-owned company in Rio de Janeiro, going through a restructuring process. After he is forced into early retirement, he decides to return to his hometown of Barbosa. There he discovers the forest beast of his childhood is still alive. 

Pedro has spent his childhood in a small town called Barbosa. He was 11 when he had heard the story of a jaguar turning up at night in the nearby farms. One night, a farmer had set a trap and killed the jaguar. The next morning, everyone in the village arrived at the scene to see the dead jaguar. Among the crowd was Pedro. The visual of that creature lying still with its yellowish skin full of blacks dots stayed with him into adulthood. Forty years down the line, during Brazil’s “era of privatization” of the 1990s, memories of this incident begin to affect Pedro’s life.

Dates & Times

Thu, Sep 16
10:00 pm