Directed by: Toni Venturi, Val Gomes. Produced by: Tiago Berti.

An incisive yet poetic documentary that explores the all-too common stories of nine ordinary people, with different shades of black skin, who reflect on their daily lives in the city of São Paulo and share situations of racism, from the veiled to the most explicit.

A doctor mistaken for a thief. A cleaning lady treated as a slave. A mother who lost her son after he was murdered by the police. A trans employee who is never promoted. What do these people have in common? Their skin color. A human and poetic documentary sewn together with various narrative threads – characters, music, slams and black intellectual thinking – that unveil the racism rooted in Brazilian society, the last country in the world to abolish slave labor. Personal stories that run counter to the self-conscious criticism of the white director (who lived in Canada in the ‘80s) reflecting on the privileges of his Italian ancestry.

Dates & Times

Tue, Sep 14
8:00 pm