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New York Latino Film Festival

Shorts Program 2

Shorts / 74 mins

New York Latino Film Festival
Shorts Program 2

Cinépolis Chelsea
Friday, Oct. 13 10:15pm Buy Tickets


In life, the struggle is real.

In This Program

  1. Zapatos

    Ignacio Garcia / Mexico / 8 mins
    Mexico has just passed a law prohibiting the transport of American products and people across the border. An unlucky man finds himself detained by an overworked border agent who has little sympathy for his sad story.

  2. Vici

    Johnny Kirk / USA / 16 mins
    A young woman enters a boxing match as a means to overcome her haunting past.

  3. Lesson #6

    Alberto Ferreras / USA / 4 mins
    “Did you see who won best actress last night? Did you see what she was wearing...” A catty comment backstage at the drag bar triggers an unexpected rant.

  4. Sombras

    Jon Ayon / USA / 9 mins
    Sombras is a poetic reflection and examination of the effects of living undocumented in the U.S. Using archival footage to explore the psychological toll that “illegal” status imparts upon different generations, the film invites us to contemplate the full weight of the terms “illegal” and “alien” and the stigmas forced upon the immigrant class.

  5. Pink Punk “The Mirror”

    Pipe Ospina / Columbia / 11 mins
    Everybody struggles in their own way just to get by. Naomi, a trans woman, and Winny, a punk, face everyday discrimination in the city. When their paths cross, they find friendship despite their differences.

  6. Desde El Principio

    Miguel J. Soliman / USA / 10 mins
    In the darkness of a soundproof recording studio, a conversation sparks between two voice actors struggling with a shared tragedy.

  7. Last Shot

    James “Latin” Clark / USA / 16 mins
    A stripper past her prime makes the decision to get black market butt injections hoping to stay relevant in the world of instagram and social media. Unfortunately, the procedure jeopardizes her health and drags her family through yet another emotional roller coaster.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 2

Cinépolis Chelsea
Friday, Oct. 13 10:15pm Buy Tickets