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New York Latino Film Festival


  1. Looking at the Stars

    Alexandre Peralta / Documentaries / Brazil / 90 mins
    Looking at the Stars is an intimate glimpse into the lives of the extraordinary ballerinas at the world’s only ballet school for the blind—the Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association for the Blind.

    Preceded by: Crisanto Street

    Looking at the Stars

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 5:00pm Buy Tickets

  2. Make Love Great Again

    Aaron Agrasanchez / US Features / USA / 2017 / 97 mins
    Darting between fun and tumultuous flashbacks and the unnerving weirdness of Chris and Natalie’s interrogation, Make Love Great Again shows that sometimes you need to lie in order to tell the truth – and how, with a little luck and tenacity, love trumps all.
    Make Love Great Again

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 4:00pm Buy Tickets

  3. Medea

    Alexandra Latishev Salazar / International Features / Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica / 2016 / 73 mins
    In her directorial debut, Costa Rican director Alexandra Latishev Salazar paints a powerful portrait of a lost young woman in search of meaning.

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 1:00pm Buy Tickets

  4. Midnight

    76 mins
    Experimental / Off-Beat

    In This Program: Al Caer La Noche, Dawn of Man, Grip of Death, The Lesson, Maxwell’s Demon, Sweetie


    Julia De Burgos Performance and Arts Center
    Thursday, Aug. 23 10:00pm Buy Tickets

  5. Monger

    Jeff Zorilla / Documentaries / Argentina / 72 mins
    An explosive look at the lives of three men who take part in the world of sexual tourism in Buenos Aires that gives insight into the motivations and attitudes that fuel the sex trade and the reactionary wave of global misogyny that has reached a boiling point.

    Preceded by: El Gallo


    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 6:30pm Buy Tickets

  6. Music of the Spheres

    Marcel Beltrán / Documentaries / Cuba / 82 mins
    Cuban artist and filmmaker Marcel Beltrán’s eloquent nonfiction feature pays homage to his parents’ enduring love while pondering his country’s turbulent history.
    Music of the Spheres

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Saturday, Aug. 25 2:00pm Buy Tickets

  7. Nereus

    Georges Padey / US Features / USA / 2018 / 107 mins
    Enjoy your stay while it lasts...

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Thursday, Aug. 23 10:30pm Buy Tickets

  8. Pablo’s Word

    Arturo Menendez / International Features / Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico / 2017 / 84 mins
    Sexy and tragic, this film-noirish take on William Shakespeare’s “Othello” offers a compelling mix of lust, murder, corruption, jealousy and deceit as everything comes crashing down for a wealthy family in contemporary El Salvador.
    Pablo’s Word

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Friday, Aug. 24 9:30pm Buy Tickets

  9. Rich Kids

    Laura Somers / US Features / USA / 2018 / 97 mins
    This vibrant portrait of six troubled teenagers showcases the talents of a young charismatic cast as it explores the ongoing challenges of economic disparities, gentrification, displacement, and evictions faced through the lens of Latino and Afro-Latino American youth in South Houston.
    Rich Kids

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Thursday, Aug. 23 6:45pm Buy Tickets

    Rich Kids

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Friday, Aug. 24 5:00pm Buy Tickets

  10. Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

    Abner Benaim / Opening Night and After Party, Premieres / Argentina, Colombia, Panama / 2018 / Documentary / 88 mins
    This star-studded documentary offers an intimate portrait of Ruben Blades, revealing a living legend and his struggle to come to terms with his legacy.
    Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

    AMC Empire 25 Theatres
    Wednesday, Aug. 22 7:30pm Buy Tickets