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Shorts Program 4: Salsa And Blues

Followed by a Q&A with Carlos Lample


In this program

Adult Night

Directed by Kevin Alejandro, Leslie Alejandro

In an attempt to “live colorfully,” the strength of a couple’s relationship is tested by a situation where it might be more important to get out rather than get off.


Directed by Maria del Mar Rosario

Pressured by her economic situation, a newly arrived immigrant in New York enters a world of embellished sex work.

Opening Night

Directed by Sofía Meza Herrera

An introverted geek opens a café in hopes to connect with other people while he battles with his social anxiety that manifests through musical numbers.

Start With A Song

Directed by Sebastián Bisbal

It’s an ordinary day for best friends Alejandra and Matt – a geometry test, an argument about album titles, a rehearsal for an upcoming music competition– until it’s interrupted by immigration officials barging into Alejandra’s home.

The Dance

Directed by James García Sotomayor, Mariano Casanova

Lisa discovers that the dancing partner she has rehearsed with for months to impress an important talent scout…

This Charming Man

Directed by Becky Bradshaw

Debonair and charismatic Augustine dances his way through a perverse evening of his own delights in this modern, twisted take on a silent film.

Welcome Back

Directed by Tiffany K. Guillen

The film centers around Rosa and her daughter, Sophie, who have been deported back to the extremely dangerous and volatile Venezuela.

Dates & Times



Sat, Sep 19
8:00 pm