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Shorts Program 1: Courage Under Fire

Followed by a Q&A with Dominic Colon


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Directed by Miguel Angel Caballero

Salvador, a gay Mexican elder who has lost his partner of 15 years, calls his partner’s estranged son, Anthony, to tell him of his father’s passing. Unaware of their relationship, Anthony travels from Chicago to a small rural town in Mexico to attend his father’s funeral.

Check Yes!

Directed by Luciannys Camacho

In a world where every 8 out 10 people has some kind of superpower, being a hero is a viable career, and high school senior Reineldis De La Cruz dreams of being one when she grows up, despite her overbearing mother’s objections.

Date Night

Directed by Arlen Aguayo Stewart

Alba hasn’t dated in a long time, so saying she’s nervous is an understatement. Not helping: feeling old, language barriers, too much make-up, and a deeper fear her daughters don’t want to talk about.

I Look At You All

Directed by Hernán Bornás

Bowie is a lonely ten year old boy struggling to overcome a monumental loss.


Directed by Pedro Henrique Chaves

In the heart of the city, a toy attracts thousands of people and brings different generations together. The challenge of going up and down the rocket enchants a father and son who played in the same place and kept secrets that were never revealed.


Directed by Carlos Renaso

After arriving in the United States from a Caribbean Island, Soledad makes a phone call to her older sister where she learns her marriage may be a lie.

The Art Lesson

Directed by Leo Curbelo

An old man walks into a gallery to appreciate a painting. His moment of peace is broken by a loud talking teenager. She makes fun of the artwork and he proceeds to explain it to her. But who does eventually receive the art lesson?

Dates & Times



Mon, Sep 14
6:00 pm