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Short Documentary Program I

Followed by a Q&A with Barbara Vasconez


In this program


Directed by Mario González Jiménez

A penetrating look inside life in a rehab clinic as 15-year-old Jonathan tells his own story of his struggles with drugs and addiction.

Out Of The Shadows

Directed by Rafael Samanez

Joselyn, a Mexican transgender immigrant woman, crosses the Mexico/U.S. border to flee increasingly dangerous conditions in her hometown. She attempts to adjust to her new home in Queens, New York and finds a community of transgender women and together they fight to lift themselves out of poverty by attempting to open the first trans owned cooperative salon in the United States.

The Bony Lady

Directed by Adriana Barbosa, Thiago Zanato

Arely Vazquez is a transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte Cult in Queens, New York.

The Other Border

Directed by Justin Zimmerman

High school student Gerardo Hernandez – raised in the United States since six months of age – was one of over 100 undocumented workers arrested by ICE in Ohio on June 5th, 2018.

Dates & Times



Sat, Sep 19
6:00 pm