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Back On Thursday

Directed by Catalina Zuloaga

An elderly woman sits in a hotel room, surrounded by handwritten notes to combat her serious memory problem. But still, there is something she doesn’t remember, despite having the answer in front of her eyes.


Directed by Claudia Robles

Daniela Vargas was a girl from Chile’s National Minors’ Services who died despite being approved for a heart transplant. She was not considered because of her social standing and unstable family situation.


Directed by Miguel Ferrer

A print-shop worker finds out the hard way that if you let it, guilt, will kill you.

Into The Uncanny Valley

Directed by Carlos Montaner, Liz Fania Werner

When a woman takes a new drug meant to enhance assertiveness by blocking empathy, she ends up locked in a deadly power struggle with her dismissive husband.


Directed by Manuel Del Valle, Sebastian Torres Greene

A prehistoric family´s desperate search for a mythical source of life turns into tragedy when the egos and obsessions of their male members rise to the surface.


Directed by Vance Mclean Ball

In a time when androids are destroyed, Mateo, a patient with an artificial heart, embarks on the journey to find the one that has taken care of him since the surgery.

The History Of Monsters

Directed by Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz

Haunted every night by monsters of unknown origin, an isolated woman finds a stranger in the woods and struggles between her safety and her sexual desires.

Dates & Times



Fri, Sep 18
11:00 pm