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Before We Wrap

Directed by Elizabeth Charles

Wrapping your hair at night is a black female tradition. Listening to the sounds of RnB and soul over late night radio is an urban tradition. Before We Wrap combines these uniquely black, female rituals in the form of a late night talk show.

Bodega Knights

Directed by Miguel Ortiz, Oshton Cox

Two misguided youth take on local crime after a series of robberies.

Cantera 5v5

Directed by Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist

An exclusive insight into a global student 5v5 Soccer Tournament and the lives of five aspiring athletes from around the world


Directed by Michelle Ramirez

DominicanYork is an independent mini web series that dives into the lives of a cast of 8 millennials. Relationships are tested and identities are challenged.


Directed by Felix Martiz

After being separated from her mother, Sarai is possessed with the power to make others disappear.


Directed by Damian Gomez, Miles Crawford

A Mexican-American guy struggling to make it as a professional dancer in Los Angeles survives through side jobs.

Louey & Bri TV

Directed by Oliver Ponce

A sketch comedy web series starring Luis Guzman and Bri Smith where every episode is standalone and packs a punch!

My First Time

Directed by Chad Quinn, Eric Dickens

A mockumentary-style TV series that chronicles the story of local New Yorkers as they share their first sexual experiences.

The New York Effect

Directed by J.F. Seary, Juan Rivera

Juan, a gay Puerto Rican man, navigates life, love and work in NYC. Juan’s trials and triumphs are all subject to the devastatingly delightful eye of Juanc√© – Juan’s drag queen conciencia.

Dates & Times



Thu, Sep 17
7:00 pm