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The Rabbits’ House

La Casa De Los Conejos

Directed by Valeria Selinger

Cast: Dario Grandinetti, Guadalupe DoCampo Paula Brasca, Miguel Angel Sola

Followed by a Q&A with Mariana Parma

Valeria Selinger’s debut feature delivers a powerful story of activism, resistance and secrecy from the perspective of a young girl whose family is forced into hiding during Argentina’s bloody Junta dictatorship.

Buenos Aires, 1975. Laura is only seven years old, but she knows that to survive you have to keep quiet. Growing up with her mother, she learns to live a secret life, to use a fake name, and to hide the activists with whom she shares a home. She knows, too, that a clandestine printing press is concealed behind the rabbit’s house. The Rabbits’ House marks documentary director Selinger’s first incursion into fiction features in an adaptation of the real and extraordinary events in Laura Alcoba’s autobiography of the same name.

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Sun, Sep 20
8:00 pm