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Directed by Transfor Ortiz

Cast: Jorge Pabón

Followed by a Q&A with Alyssa Flores

When frustrated actor Papote learns that his ex-wife plans to relocate to Orlando with their son, he is pushed to do whatever he can to avoid losing his family.

Papote is struggling to make a name for himself in Puerto Rican theater. On top of his professional frustrations, his ex-wife has decided to relocate to Orlando with their 10 year old son, who Papote loves with all his heart, and her new husband. But Papote’s life takes an unexpected turn when he snaps at work and is required to attend an anger management program at a mental health institution. Once there he sets out to produce a play starring his fellow patients in order to keep his son’s innocence intact.

Dates & Times



Sat, Sep 19
9:00 pm