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Mambo Man

Directed by Edesio Alejandro, Mo Fini

Cast: Alejandro Palomino Infante, David Pérez, Hector Noas, Isael Yudexi de la Torre Mesa

Followed by a Q&A with Mariana Parma

Mambo Man pairs a stellar soundtrack of Cuba’s most iconic musicians with striking images of the island’s lush countryside to tell the true story of a farmer turned music promoter who gambles everything on a deal that appears too good to be true.

Prolific actor Hector Noas plays JC, a Cuban farmer and music promoter struggling to make ends meet in this heart-warming film based on a true story. The soundtrack and live performances in the film feature a line-up of the legendary Cuban artists who appeared in the box office smash, Buena Vista Social Club, including Grammy award-winning Eliades Ochoa (Buena Vista Social Club), Juan de Marcos Gonzalez (Afro-Cuban All Stars), Candido Fabre, David Alvarez and others.

Dates & Times



Tue, Sep 15
7:00 pm