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El Arenero

Directed by Héctor M. Valdez

Cast: Ariel Diaz, Luis Bryan Mesa, Marie Michele Bazile, Pepe Sierra, Peter Jean Baptiste, Vicente Santos, Wigberto Dechamps

Followed by a Q&A with Alyssa Flores

After their grandfather dies, twin brothers struggle to find their way in the world, complicated by prejudice against one boy’s albinism.

Candido and Braulio are fraternal twins growing up in the border town of Malpaso, Jimani, right across the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Growing up orphaned, Braulio helps his grandfather sell coal in the market while Candido stays in their secluded home due to his albinism. Their life takes a turn for the worse after the unexpected demise of their grandfather. Now Braulio will need to look after his brother and both will attempt to make ends meet in the border town market. All the while, Candido dreams of the eventual return of their estranged father.

Dates & Times



Thu, Sep 17
9:00 pm