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Like: The Miseducation of Lil Tito

Directed by Geo Santini

Cast: Jacory Gums, Jessica Meza, Lisa Roumain, Rayniel Rufino, Rene Rosado, Scotty Tovar, Tiffany Daniels

Followed by a Q&A with Dominic Colon

This hilarious mockumentary follows the meteoric rise and painful demise of Benito Cruz as he evolves from outrageous social media click bait king to the extremely controversial and chart-topping hip-hop troll, Lil Tito.

Welcome to the world of social media prankster, Benito Cruz. Having built a following by pulling edgy pranks that flirt with legality, Benito eventually pulls the one that lands him behind bars, only to be released and discover that his social media following has approached God-like proportions. With his newfound popularity, Benito transforms from click bait prankster to hardcore rapper, Lil Tito. A trolling genius, Lil Tito, skyrockets to the top of the charts. People become completely infatuated with him and his antics, asking themselves, “what will Lil Tito do next?” However, with fame comes responsibility…

Dates & Times



Wed, Sep 16
9:00 pm