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Directed by Tim Sparks

Cast: Aldo Verastegui, Edgar Arreola, Karian Lechuga

Followed by a Q&A with Mariana Parma

In this emotionally charged drama ripped from the headlines, undocumented immigrant Roberto puts his plans for legal residency on hold when he becomes a new father at the onset of the US governments ‘Zero Tolerance’ child separation policy.

Roberto Hernandez seeks to obtain his papers through a fraudulent marriage but is thwarted from his goal when his ex-girlfriend Juana shows up claiming he is the father of her child. Choosing to do the right thing, he abandons his only legal path towards the American dream to embrace fatherhood. He soon discovers that all the love in the world cannot protect his daughter Amara from the newly energized immigration enforcement.

Dates & Times



Wed, Sep 16
7:00 pm