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A State of Madness

Mis 500 Locos

Directed by Leticia Tonos

Cast: Jane Santo, Luis Jose German, Pavel Marcano, Rick Montero

Followed by a Q&A with Alyssa Flores

Stylish, emotional, and based on a true story, A State of Madness is the tale of an intrepid Dominican doctor who defied the odds to successfully run a mental institution during a brutal dictatorship.

An asylum-set drama that evokes the film noir of the fifties, A State of Madness transports us to 1953, when the Dominican Republic was under the violent dictatorship of President Rafael Leonidis Trujillo. After a group of mental patients escape from the Nigüa Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Antonio Zaglul is appointed new director of the institution in order to calm the negative press that the lack of control of the place was generating. Once there it will be difficult to tell if the madness lives inside or outside the hospital walls.

Dates & Times



Tue, Sep 15
6:00 pm