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New York Latino Film Festival

Shorts Program 3

Shorts / 102 mins

Shorts Program 3

AMC Empire 25 Theatres
Saturday, Aug. 25 11:30am Buy Tickets


Nothing is What it Seems

In This Program

  1. Evaporated

    Jimena Muhlia / USA / 15 mins
    Rafa begins to have fantasies about his best friend's mother after spying on her in an intimate moment. His decision to make romantic advances towards her jeopardizes his friendship and he must face the consequences.

  2. Miguel

    Sealtiel Alatriste / Mexico / 4 mins
    A very peaceful house is disturbed by Ana’s screams and Miguel’s violence.

  3. Ruta Viva

    Sebastian Rea, Courtney Baxter / Ecuador / 12 mins
    After spending the night arguing over politics, a sudden death forces a family to work together.

  4. Silencio

    Paphangkorn Punchantarak (Dee) / USA / 12 mins
    A lonely composer secludes himself from the outside world until he finds companionship with a young deaf female who lights him up with a mysterious, beautiful song.

  5. Sin Cielo

    Jianna Maarten / USA / 25 mins
    Straddling the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, two teenagers pursue young love in a region where violence may be inescapable.

  6. Story Ave

    Aristotle Torres / USA / 10 mins
    Set in the Bronx, this short film offers a creative take on the true story of a robbery gone right–– when a victim becomes their antagonist's savior.

  7. Unlucky’s Luck

    Felipe Holguin / Colombia / 16 mins
    Pellito feels "cursed" until his friend Antonia gives him a winning ticket to Fortune's Raffle.

  8. We Need To Talk

    Carlos Mendoza Guillén / Cuba, Mexico / 8 mins
    Worried her 10-year-old grandson might be having sex with her 17-year-old neighbor, Caridad recruits the help of Milagros, a wise old lady with an expertise in conquering men, to help set the two children on their proper paths.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 3

AMC Empire 25 Theatres
Saturday, Aug. 25 11:30am Buy Tickets